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Reply magically to your
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Answer magically to your customer reviews,10x faster πŸ‘Š

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A.I helps you to create
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It's contextualized

Our model is trained on a huge corpus of data and one feature called Recurrent neural network (RNN) allows to better understand the context of a review. Because each review is unique each reply will be as well.


100% response rate
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Not satisfied with your online presence?
E-reputation is key.Β Your customer wants a genuine answer. Stop copy-pasting the same reply all the time and delaying this critical aspect of your business.


Natural language

It's hard when you get a bad review to stay calm. Generated text feels natural, authentic, professional and has 0 spelling mistakes.

If you don't care about your
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92% of people check reviews before taking a decision

Don't you do it? What happens if they see copy-pasted replies from you and poorly written reviews? They may perceive that you are not concerned with offering quality service, causing them to seek out alternatives.

Increase your ranking and local search rate by 20%

Stars and number of reviews are not the only parameters to get more views. True engagement from business owners to provide a dedicated attention is measured as well, and platforms like Yelp, Tripadvisor etc. will reward you for this.

It works everywhere !

As a chrome extension, GoodReply can be used on top of any website

And hundreds more...

And hundreds more...

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Hotels, Restaurants, Lawyers, Grocery stores,
Doctors, Tech companies etc.

"Just can't go back. Is like the invention of the washing machine. Those replies are quite accurate and spot on. Just try it."
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Thomas G.

Restaurant manager,
La Diva

"Working for a big resort. It's like doing the Turing test and realising that this thing is better than us at writing replies !"
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Ronald M.

Guest relation manager,
Los 3 Reyes

"That's relieving.. my 'white page syndrome' anxiety has vanished."
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Emily J.

Community manager,
Times Out food market

"Can take two or three times to find the perfect shot but it's funny and it definitely worth it"
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Nancy T.

Hotel owner,
The Politan Hotel

"Really surprising to say the least. We're finally reaching this point where AI and humans texts are indistinguishable"
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Lauren M.

Business owner,

"This extension changed my week. It's so easy to use and has saved me so much time. I highly recommend it."
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Timothy R.

Food truck owner,
El chingΓ³n

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Hotels, Restaurants, Lawyers, Grocery stores,
Doctors, Tech companies etc.

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